All work and no play makes for some interesting commit messages

Looks like Nacin could do with some sleep after 3.5 is out:

A neditor is a curious multi-celled organism found deep in the Content Management System “WordPress”. It generally subsides on good content. It has an obsession with retina-quality graphical elements, and also has a strong affinity for puns. Occasionally, ACCIDENTAL CAPS LOCK occurs. Some organisms carry British accents; these are prone to changing state but then reverting to their previous state soon after. One has shown superior sleuthing abilities, despite having hardly left its Uni laboratory. Organisms from Australia are usually found deeper in the Content Management System, most of its energy spent on locomotion.

The attitude of a neditor is best described as cranky optimism. Younger organisms are more eager, but quickly tire after working on little sleep. They eventually evolve into the cranky optimism stage in a process that generally takes three to five months.

WordPress commit message, Andrew Nacin