Climate change protesters blockade oil refinery

Masked climate change protesters surround a bamboo tripod with their arms in cardboard tubes to prevent police from removing themAround 400 climate change protesters converged from all over London to travel to Stanford-le-hope in Essex to blockade Coryton oil refinery. The plan was not fully revealed to protesters until they were on the train to Essex, when organisers distributed leaflets with a map of the area and an explanation of the plan.

Organisers also distributed ‘goody bags’ on the train which included a mask, disposable boiler suit and equipment to make a cardboard lock-on tube. Once in Stanford-le-hope protesters spilt into groups and made their way towards the oil refinery through fields. Along the way protesters had left more equipment that could be used to blockade the road.

The blockade lasted 4 hours and protesters claimed they stopped thousands of gallons of oil being delivered.

Photos: Climate change protesters blockade oil refinery