Custody deaths protesters march to Downing Street

Family and friends of those who have died in Police custody gather at Trafalgar Square to march to Downing Street
The annual protest against deaths in custody marched from Trafalgar Square to Downing street to deliver a letter to the Prime Minister, but police refused to accept it.

The annual march is organised by the United Families & Friends Campaign, which is made up of people whose friends and relatives die in police custody.

Photos: Custody deaths protesters march to Downing Street

Insensitive and insulting behaviour by the police. They refused the accept the letter, noitcably laughed at us on the demonstration while thye hid behind their uniforms and their heavy firearms. Now the letter will rightly be made public and shame on those who behaved toward traumatised and grievig people in such an appalling way and shame on the system that allows them to.
Well done, solidarity and respect to all who took part
George Coombs

the police are becoming increasingly rough
they’re disgusting
it’s true without a doubt – we have to have ways to counter this, and the effective ways shall be the methods that ‘point to the future’…….
which unfortunately “jail the cops” doesn’t – i dunno exactly, but it’s sure that a lot more people need to become mobilised against the system in some positive way

steve in Birmingham uk