“The Demotix ‘press pass’ is nothing of the sort”

Demotix website defends issue of press passes – guardian.co.uk

The Demotix ‘press pass’ is nothing of the sort, despite the fact that it is designed to look like a genuine journalists’ identity document.

We have worked hard over many years to establish the National Press Card as the ID for professional journalists. It is designed to assure the police and others that the holder is a professional newsgatherer, working full-time to serve the public.

– Mike Granatt, Chair, UK Press Card Authority

This is what a real UK Press Card looks like. Similar, no?

Looks nothing like the UK Press card (except for the word PRESS in black on yellow background – is their a copyright on this colour scheme?). I am not a member of Demotix but I am a working journalist. Seems like the NUJ and their ilk are afraid of a little competition from “citizen” journalists and other independents. I have never carried a press card and have never had the need of one, even in sensitive areas. I carry my passport and that is good enough ID.

Are the NUJ worried about competition or maintaining standards? Maybe they want to know that journalists know their ’there’ from their ‘their’?