If you go down to the woods today…

Back in 2006 I took a walk around the site where the London 2012 Olympics was going to be, as you can see from my pictures it was a pretty miserable place.

Recently I went back to the area to see what had changed, quite a lot it would seem.

No longer blighted by huge piles of rubbish and burnt out cars, instead there is a new eyesore. A 3m high, 11 mile long bright blue construction fence, encircling the entire site. 

A large blue construction fence now surrounds the site, cutting off parts of the area.
A large blue construction fence now surrounds the site, cutting off parts of the area.

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But this huge feat of modern engineering is soon to be gone as well. Replaced by 5m high galvanised steel mesh fence topped with a 1.2m electrified section. Not too dissimilar to the one built around Kingsnorth Powerstation in Kent before this years Climate Camp

So far there has been little photography from inside the Olympic site, a deliberate policy made by the PR people at the Olympic Deliver Authority (ODA) not to allow any independent journalists onto the site, absolutely terrified of any negative coverage it might create.

The Evening Standard has a reporter assigned full time to covering the build up to the 2012 games. Two years in the job and he has not once been allowed on the site, other than on carefully planned photo-calls. 

This is a hugely important subject to be documenting, a project that will transform the area forever and access to this story is being blocked by a few paranoid PR bods in the ODA.

It is reminiscent of when The Dome O2 Centre was being built, just down the road in Greenwich. Mark Power petitioned the developers for months trying to get access to the site, being turned down again and again, pleading with them to let him in. Eventually he gained access and over 3 years created a beautiful set of images using a 5×4 large format film camera, that were also made into a book.

We can only hope that the ODA comes to it’s senses and allows journalists and photographers onto the site, to document what truly will be great games. 

You can view the full set of images here