WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” released

It seems the WordPress gods listened to my wishes and have released the latest version of WordPress codename “Sonny”, after saxophonist Sonny Stitt (all WordPress releases are named after jazz musicians).

Funnily enough I met some clients last night and mentioned that WordPress would be updating soon, I just didn’t realise quite how soon that would be! I’ve already taken the plunge and updated this site, it went surprisingly quickly, only taking a few seconds to complete the whole process.

As always there’s a neat video from Michael Pick that succinctly explains the new features:

[sublimevideo class=”sublime” poster=”http://wpcandy.com/files/2011/12/wp33release-teaser.jpeg” src1=”http://videos.videopress.com/I7NAw9Zk/three-three-final_hd.mp4″ src4=”http://videos.videopress.com/I7NAw9Zk/three-three-final_fmt1.ogv” width=”630″ height=”354″]

For the more technically minded, you can go over the full changelog for 3.3 in the WordPress Codex. A notification to update will automatically appear when you log in to WordPress or you can download it manually.

I always say, the best Christmas presents are early Christmas presents.