WordPress job hunting

Most of my previous clients have found out about me through word of mouth, which has been great as I’ve been able to work with people I already know and have rapport with. But coming into the new year that source has slowed from a healthy flow to more of a trickle so I’m being more proactive about finding work.

In one sense it’s counter-intuitive to write about where I’m finding work as I’m potentially inviting others to eat my lunch, but one of the best things about the open source community is sharing and collaboration. Below is an overview of what I’ve found so far, if you’ve had an experience with any of theses sites or know about one I’ve missed, let me know in the comments.

  • WordPress Jobs – The official job board for WordPress, that’s people looking for WordPress developers, not jobs at WordPress. I’ve followed up a few leads I’ve found on there, but unfortunately a lot of posters have slightly unrealistic expectations in terms of scope of the work relative to the proposed budget. It’s also very US-centric.
  • Code Poet – The other official WordPress job site, though rather than a job board it’s a directory of WordPress professionals for clients.
  • WooJobs – Aside from the previous two official sites, this is the only WordPress specific jobs board I’ve come across. At the moment all the ads are for freelancers, with the exception of one full-time position with WooThemes themselves.
  • Gumtree – A British version of Craigslist. Mostly freelance and contract work.
  • Authentic Jobs – One of the best jobs boards for WordPress and front end developers I’ve found so far, they also have a specific UK site, hooray!
  • 37signals – Tends to feature more back end and language/platform specific jobs but chock full of high quality recruiters.
  • Forrst – Billed as a community for developers they’ve recently opened a jobs board. Sadly there’s only a handful of UK jobs listed at the moment, but it looks promising.
  • Smashing Jobs – Leans heavily towards designers and front end developers. Along with a good range of filtering tools including a well populated freelance section.
  • GitHub jobs – Like 37signals, features more back end and language focussed roles. They also offer a dedicated iPhone app, which none of the others so far have.
  • Stack Overflow Careers – Every developer’s favourite troubleshooting site has a job board too. Unfortunately no WordPress specific jobs have been advertised here for a few weeks, but the odd frontend job does come up.
  • Themely – An honourable mention as it hasn’t launched yet, but aims to match up WordPress theme designers with developers.

Unsurprisingly the paid sites offer much higher quality jobs, whilst the free boards have a greater quantity of ads, especially for freelance and contract jobs.

The best way I’ve found to get through all these sites is to try and find the most specific RSS feed and put that into a ‘jobs’ folder in my Google Reader account. For the sites that don’t offer location or keyword specific feeds I filter them through a Yahoo! Pipe. Then once a day or so I can go through them and apply to any relevant ones.

Of course if your looking for a lovely WordPress / front end developer in the UK who’s hip with all the latest HTML5, CSS3 and responsive web design you should drop me a message: or give me a ring: 07793940759.