→ arkOS

arkOS is a system for securely self-hosting your online life from the comfort of your home.

It will allow you to easily host your own website, email, “cloud” and more, all within arm’s reach. It does this by interfacing with existing software and allowing the user to easily update and change settings with a graphical interface. No more need to depend on external cloud services, which can be insecure “walled gardens” that require you to give up control over your data.

What is arkOS? – arkOS FAQ

Interesting idea, kinda like Windows Home Server for Linux.

→ Upstagram – Pi over Paris

The colorful flying house from the movie UP! recently crossed the sky above Paris, just between the Eiffel Tower and the Sacré Coeur! On board, an open-source electronic device, a Rapsberry Pi, publishing live pictures on Instagram.
Upstagram – HackerLoop

This is a great little hack.

→ ‘Game over’ for BlackBerry

“Gartner recommends that our [BlackBerry enterprise] clients take no more than six months to consider and implement alternatives to BlackBerry,” said Gartner analyst Bill Menezes in an email interview on Friday. “We’re emphasizing that all clients should immediately ensure they have backup mobile data management plans and are at least testing alternative devices to BlackBerry.”

Gartner tells IT shops that it’s ‘game over’ for BlackBerry – Matt Hamblen

The Globe and Mail also have a detailed investigative report on BlackBerry’s decline which is worth a read when you have the time.

→ Naming Overcast – Marco

Marco Arment has a written about how he came to naming his new podcasting app – Overcast. I love this at the end:

I couldn’t get the .com — its squatter wants $100,000,000 for it. That’s right, a hundred million dollars. I tried to get him to come down a bit, and he said he’d take $95 million. I offered him $1,000, which quickly ended negotiations.

I decided instead to register the .fm for $70, and I don’t think it will ever really matter that I don’t own the.com.

Naming Overcast – Marco Arment