BBC Staff begin 48hr strike at Television Centre

A NUJ placard outside BBC Television Centre
BBC NUJ members across the world started a 48 hour strike at 1 minute past midnight after 70% of members rejected the BBCs final offer on a reduced pensions deal.

The strike is set to paralyse the BBC’s news and current affairs output during the 48 hour walkout, as journalists across the world take part in the action. It’s thought that many of the BBC’s flagship news programmes will not air at all and will be replaced with repeats of old or prerecorded shows.

BBC journalists worldwide as well as across the UK will be picketing workplaces, with action taking place outside the BBC’s Washington, Los Angles, Paris, Rome, Kabul and Istanbul bureaux.

Photos: NUJ members strike over pensions deal

Protesters close Vodafone’s flagship store

A protester holds up a sign outside Vodafone's closed Oxford Street store calling the company tax dodgers
A small group of around 40 protesters shut down Vodafone’s flagship store on Oxford Street after they blocked the entrance within ten minutes of the store opening.

Organisers of the protest told people to gather outside the Ritz hotel and to follow a person with an orange umbrella who would lead them to the unannounced target.

The protest came after Private Eye magazine revealed last month that Vodafone had avoided paying tax when it acquired German engineering company Mannesmann for €180bn. Last week Chancellor George Osborne announced £7bn of welfare cuts, whilst Private Eye put the loss of tax from Vodafone at £6bn.

Photos: Protesters close Vodafone’s flagship store

Firefighters walkout over threat of mass sackings

FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack talks to members on the picket line outside Euston fire station
London Fire Brigade firefighters took part in an 8 hour walkout after all 5,600 firefighters in London were told to sign a new contract or they would be sacked.

Some Tube workers also refused to work during the strike as there was not adequate fire protection cover on the Underground. Only 27 of 169 appliances were in service during the walkout and FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack said the private contractors who were employed to operate them, crashed two.

Photos: Firefighters walkout over threat of mass sackings