IMDb command-line interface

In this week’s Talk Show John Gruber describes the original IMDb interface as only available via email, where you entered the name of a film or actor in the subject and received a reply a few seconds later with the results. One of the other guests on the show has made browser extensions to clean up the IMDb site.

Searching around I found someone has already written a small Python script you can install and use to query IMDb from your command-line.

Which is great, but most people aren’t down with installing and using command line tools, so I thought I’d make my own web based command-line interface (CLI). After a couple of hours tinkering with the unofficial IMDb API and perfecting the look and feel of my replica CLI, I pushed it up to GitHub.

After some feedback on Twitter I added IMDb ratings to the results and with a bit more JavaScript tinkering I got ratings from Rotten Tomatoes as well, with the -t or --tomatoes option.

Give it a try, it’s way faster than going to IMDb.


This must be one of the geekiest things I’ve ever seen.

# LOL!!1
# Source:

alias wtf='dmesg'
alias onoz='cat /var/log/errors.log'
alias rtfm='man'

alias visible='echo'
alias invisible='cat'
alias moar='more'
alias tldr='less'
alias alwayz='tail -f'

alias icanhas='mkdir'
alias gimmeh='touch'
alias donotwant='rm'
alias dowant='cp'
alias gtfo='mv'
alias nowai='chmod'

alias hai='cd'
alias iz='ls'
alias plz='pwd'
alias ihasbucket='df -h'

alias inur='locate'
alias iminurbase='finger'

alias btw='nice'
alias obtw='nohup'

alias nomz='ps -aux'
alias nomnom='killall'

alias byes='exit'
alias cya='reboot'
alias kthxbai='halt