Students march against tuition fee rises

Merrill Lynch is boarded up and guarded by police with riot shieldsTens of thousands of students marched from ULU through central London to the City to protest against the rise in tuition fees and withdrawal of EMA.

There were some scuffles with police on the march, but there was not vandalism and destruction like that seen at Milbank the year previously.

One breakaway group of protesters setup more than dozen pop-up tents in Trafalgar Square in an attempt to occupy it, similar to the current occupations of St Pauls cathedral, Finsbury Square and Wall Street.

Photos: Students march against tuition fee rises

Student protests spread over London

A police evidence gatherer punches a protester who is blocking a police van

Thousands of student protesters took to the streets to protests against the Governments plans to scrap the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) and increase in university tuition fees.

The protest split into smaller groups throughout the day, with some blockading Topshop on Oxford Street and others joining the protest outside the Egyptian embassy.

A similar protest was held in Manchester on the same day, backed by the National Union of Students and the TUC. NUS president Aaron Porter was targeted by protesters there calling him a ‘Tory too’ and had to be protected by police.

Photos: Student protests spread over London