Firefighters walkout over threat of mass sackings

FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack talks to members on the picket line outside Euston fire station
London Fire Brigade firefighters took part in an 8 hour walkout after all 5,600 firefighters in London were told to sign a new contract or they would be sacked.

Some Tube workers also refused to work during the strike as there was not adequate fire protection cover on the Underground. Only 27 of 169 appliances were in service during the walkout and FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack said the private contractors who were employed to operate them, crashed two.

Photos: Firefighters walkout over threat of mass sackings

Climate change protesters blockade oil refinery

Masked climate change protesters surround a bamboo tripod with their arms in cardboard tubes to prevent police from removing themAround 400 climate change protesters converged from all over London to travel to Stanford-le-hope in Essex to blockade Coryton oil refinery. The plan was not fully revealed to protesters until they were on the train to Essex, when organisers distributed leaflets with a map of the area and an explanation of the plan.

Organisers also distributed ‘goody bags’ on the train which included a mask, disposable boiler suit and equipment to make a cardboard lock-on tube. Once in Stanford-le-hope protesters spilt into groups and made their way towards the oil refinery through fields. Along the way protesters had left more equipment that could be used to blockade the road.

The blockade lasted 4 hours and protesters claimed they stopped thousands of gallons of oil being delivered.

Photos: Climate change protesters blockade oil refinery

Thousands march against the Pope

Thousands of people joined a march and rally through central London against the Pope’s state visit to the UK. It is the first time a Pope has been invited to a state visit in the UK. His visit has been controversial because of his involvement before becoming Pope in the cover up of child abuse in the Catholic church.

Photos: Thousands march against the Pope

al-Quds Day Protesters March in London

Around 1000 protesters joined the Quds day march through London
Around 1000 protesters took part in the annual al-Quds march in London. The day was created in 1979 by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini as a day of protest against Zionism and in solidarity with Muslims across the world.

English Defence League members held a small counter-demonstration alongside the ‘March for England’ group. Counter-protesters shouted “Scum”, “You’re not English anymore” and “Who the f*ck is Allah?” as the Quds day march passed them.

Photos: al-Quds Day March & Rally

NUJ London Photographers Branch Meeting

Photographers are under attack – job losses in local and national media, picture rate cuts and police repression on the streets. It’s time for photographers to come together and plan and build the best way to defend our profession. London photographers are meeting on Thursday 16 July 2009 at 6.30pm at Headland House to start the process of setting up a London Photographers Branch. If you live or work in London – freelance, agency or staffer – and an NUJ member this is the meeting for you.

If you are a photographer and not yet an NUJ member we would like you join us and be part of this new branch.

More Info:

Update: The meeting voted overwhelmingly to form a London Photographers Branch (LPB) The branch must now be approved by the NEC and the next meeting will be in early September to elect a interim committee.

The meeting moved a motion with 26 votes for, 1 against and 1 abstention:

This meeting calls for a London Photographers’ Branch to be established. The branch will be open to NUJ members whose work as photographers or as other lens based journalists is carried out in London.

The new branch will be active in campaigning against job cuts, rate cuts, restrictions on photography, attacks on media workers across the world and a strong force in recruiting new members to the union.

We seek the NECs approval of a new branch.