Nick Griffin attacked by anti-fascists

Anti-fascist protesters prevented BNP leader Nick Griffin from entering the Frontline Club, where he was due to take part in a discussion about the “Battle for Barking” documentary about the general election campaign in Barking and Dagenham that Griffin contested in 2010.

As Griffin attempted to enter the club he and his security guards clashed with anti-fascist protesters who were waiting outside. After scuffles between the two, Griffin and his guards were chased down the street by protesters before taking shelter in a nearby hotel.

Photos: Nick Griffin attacked by anti-fascists

Violent protests as MPs vote to increase tuition fees

Police in riot gear charge a crowd of protesters with their batons drawn
Tens of thousands of students gathered in London to protest outside Parliament as MPs voted to increase tuition fees. There was violence throughout the day as protesters clashed with police.

Most of the protesters were contained by police in Parliament Square. As night fell protesters pelted police with rocks, bottles and fireworks. Several protesters got inside the Treasury building after breaking down a door.

Photos: Violent protests as MPs vote to increase tuition fees

UK Uncut Protesters target Topshop

Protesters in London closed Topshop’s flagship store on Oxford Street for several hours after it’s boss Sir Phillip Green avoided paying tax on a dividend of £1.2 billion from the parent company Arcadia.

There were also actions across the country, with protesters organising actions in 19 other cities around the country. Vodafone had previously been targeted by the same group after it avoided paying an estimated £6 billion in tax on a merger deal.

Photos: UK Uncut Protesters target Topshop

Student protesters take to the streets for third week

Student protesters took to the streets of Westminster for the third time this month, protesting against a proposed increase in university tuition fees and cuts to the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) scheme.

Wary of a repeat of last weeks protests where protesters were ‘kettled’ by police for several hours, protesters spent much of the day running through the streets around Westminster evading police. As night fell groups of protesters from around the city rallied in Trafalgar Square before riot police moved in to break up the protest.

The protest was part of a national day of action that saw thousands of students marching through cities across the country. Council offices in Birmingham and Oxford were also occupied by protesters.

Photos: Student protesters take to the streets for third week

Students walkout against Government cuts

A police officer grabs a protester by the neck as they attempt to remove protesters blocking Whitehall

Thousands of students marched on Westminster on the second day of action against the proposed rises in tuition fees and cuts to the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

Students across the country took part in coordinated national action as they walked out from classes and lectures and marched on town centres.

The protests also led to a flurry of occupations, a handful of Universities that were already in occupation by students were joined by others across the country bringing them to a total of 17.

Photos: Students walkout against Government cuts

Student protesters storm Conservative Party HQ

Thousands of protesters can be seen from the roof of 30 Millbank
Tens of thousands of protesters joined a march organised by the National Union of Students and the University and College Union to protest against the coalition governments proposed rises to tuition fees.

The protest turned violent when protesters forced their way inside 30 Millbank, where the Conservative Party HQ is located, and smashed the windows. Protesters then forced their way upstairs and onto the roof of the building, vandalising offices as they went.

Photos: Student protesters storm Conservative Party HQ

BBC Staff begin 48hr strike at Television Centre

A NUJ placard outside BBC Television Centre
BBC NUJ members across the world started a 48 hour strike at 1 minute past midnight after 70% of members rejected the BBCs final offer on a reduced pensions deal.

The strike is set to paralyse the BBC’s news and current affairs output during the 48 hour walkout, as journalists across the world take part in the action. It’s thought that many of the BBC’s flagship news programmes will not air at all and will be replaced with repeats of old or prerecorded shows.

BBC journalists worldwide as well as across the UK will be picketing workplaces, with action taking place outside the BBC’s Washington, Los Angles, Paris, Rome, Kabul and Istanbul bureaux.

Photos: NUJ members strike over pensions deal