March for the Alternative – A brief thank you

My bloodied and broken glasses Covering the TUC March for the Alternative yesterday I was hit above my left eye, just below the brim of my helmet, by a rock thrown by a protester as it ricocheted off a police van. I was photographing a group of protesters who’d broken away from the main march and had attacked a branch of HSBC in Cambridge Circus.

The wound needed 9 stitches and my glasses are broken beyond repair. I just wanted to offer some thanks to everyone who helped me yesterday:

Thank you to the two photographers who got me away to safety and to a nearby fire station for first aid.

Thank you to the firemen who let me into their station, cleaned and bandaged me up.

Thank you to my friend and colleague Marc Vallée who got me to A&E, waited with me and made sure I got on the train home safely.

Thank you to the doctors and nurses at A&E who looked after me and the maxillofacial surgeon who stitched me back up again.

Thank you to my Dad who gave me a lift home.

Thank you to my housemate Ellie for keeping an eye on me for the last 24hrs.

And thank you to everyone who rang, text and sent messages via Twitter & Facebook.