Stop Google Analytics from counting Admin visits on WordPress

As a designer one of the most annoying things about developing and maintaining a WordPress theme is that Google Analytics counts every visit from your machine, even when your just working on an offline development sever as I do. This is especially crucial when a site is launching and all the visits from the local server can throw your stats way off, as seen in the image here.

There are a few existing ways to stop Analytics from counting your visits, one of the best is by using this method on HubPages that gives your browser a name and then creating an exclude filter on Google Analytics.

It’s a good method but it doesn’t work cross-browser and involves some tinkering on the Analytics backend. The method I use, uses PHP to check if the current user is an Admin and inserts a link to the WordPress admin panel. If the user isn’t an Admin it loads the Analytics code instead.

Don’t forget to change the UA-000000 to your own Analytics ID. You can change the first line to exclude Editors and Authors by changing the current_user_can function, have a look at the Capability vs. Role table in the WordPress Codex. You also can completely remove the second line if you don’t want or need a link to the Admin panel, but I found it a useful visual indicator that the code was working.

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