Hello three-point-oh

In case you hadn’t already heard WordPress 3.0 is out today. I’ve been using the release candidate on this site and on a clients site I’ve been developing for the last few weeks now and it’s proven to be rock solid, with great backwards compatibility for plugins that haven’t been updated yet.

One of the best features of 3.0 that I’ve been using so far is the new menu panel which allows you to modify a WordPress sites menu, something that previously required rather clumsy plugins that relied on finding page IDs which was tricky for some less technically inclined clients.

I’ve yet to really dive into custom post types and taxonomies –¬†two new features in 3.0. But they look like they could really simplify entering more customised data into WordPress,¬†something which takes WordPress much closer to a full CMS and makes it more non-techy friendly.

You can take a video tour of some of the other new features below:

[sublimevideo class=”sublime” poster=”http://www.der-prinz.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/thelonious-wordpress-617×289.jpg” src1=”http://videos.videopress.com/BQtfIEY1/thelonius1706_hd.mp4″ src4=”http://videos.videopress.com/BQtfIEY1/thelonius1706_fmt1.ogv” width=”630″ height=”354″]